Experience in high quality therapeutic solutions.

Today, Lakeside® is a leading pharmaceutical company mainly dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of anti-infective medications, targeted as much for primary care, as to main medical specialties, besides hospital products that provide essential therapies for patients in critical condition.

Safety, efficacy and comfort while we care for your health

With more than 60 years established in Mexico, with therapeutic success in millions of mexican patients that have been treated, and that make Lakeside®, a brand of products with therapeutic value and quality assurance for our doctors and patients.

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Cutting edge products

We are endorsed by traditional medicines such as Penprocilina®, leader in Mexico in the market of penicillins, as well as cutting edge products like Terbac®, ceftriaxone and Avestrep®, a fourth generation fluoroquinolone.

Steady and focused

In Lakeside® we strive day to day to build a solid company focused in renewing our product portfolio to offer the best alternatives available in diverse therapeutic areas.