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Lead through example and encourage others to do so.

Advaita Pharmaceuticals

Advaita Pharmaceuticals

Dedicated to offering innovative solutions to dermatological health, through the development of products, licenses and acquisitions.

Laboratorios Serral

Serral Laboratories

It has become and successful company and one of the leading laboratories in the manufacture and distribution of generic drugs.



Leading pharmaceutical company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of anti-infective drugs.

Our employees are an essential part

In SOMAR Pharmaceutical Group we believe that talent is our strength, we seek our associates to form a highly trained and committed team, with solid values that allow us to reach our goal and continue improving.

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New Businesses

We count on wide versatility in B&D through licensing in and licensing out, just like product development.


Responsible for collecting, monitoring and analyzing information reports of suspected adverse reactions.



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Tracking purchase orders and payments.


Tracking of billing and shipments.