Improving the lives of people while creating value.

Our Corporate Culture

SOMAR Pharmaceutical Group is a company that maintains a culture based on ethic and that is guided by the principles of Trust, Respect and Integrity that are framed in the values of our company.

Our Code of Conduct

We require that our contributors, besides our contractors, consultants, strategic partners, suppliers and people that do business with Group SOMAR, know and adhere to our high standards of ethic and integrity, which can be found expressed in our Code of Conduct.

Our Mission

According to our mission of improving the lives of people while creating value, we are committed to achieving our commercial objectives within the legal and regulatory framework applicable, making ethical decisions in a responsible way with the communities in which we interact.

Our Commitments

Likewise, in SOMAR Pharmaceutical Group we are committed to observe the guidelines established by the Board of Ethics and Transparency of the Pharmaceutical Industry, which can be found in the following link:

To report a concern or complaint access to our system: