Somar Pharmaceutical Group: a commitment to clinical research

The commitment to innovation drives the pharmaceutical firm to continue improving lives, which is why it is working on the launch of 12 new health solutions in a period of 18 months.

Somar Pharmaceutical Group, in Chalco plant

When buying any medicine, the Mexican market looks for the most accessible prices and the highest quality. That is the challenge that Somar Pharmaceutical Group took on to position itself as a reliable laboratory that helps take care of the health of Mexicans. To achieve this goal, the company follows a principle summarized in the phrase: “Improving lives, creating value.”

“During the last year we accelerated our growth thanks to the balance between innovation and tradition. We strengthened the products that have kept us as an important player in the national market for more than 72 years and, at the same time, we invested in research and development and strengthened the Group’s teams and infrastructure ”, says Daniel del Conde, Somar  Group CEO .

Improving lives with innovation

In 2020, it is of little use to have an idea if a company is not able to get it to market in a timely manner, so speed is key in an industry as competitive as pharmaceuticals. Faced with this scenario, Somar Group announced that it will be launching 12 new health solutions in a period of 18 months. On average, the pharmaceutical industry takes twice as long.

One of the stellar launches is the union of gabapentin plus vitamin B for neuropathic pain, for which the pharmaceutical firm has declared that “the lives of patients will improve with this medicine, thanks to a novel presentation that makes the form in that the active substance reaches the body, because it uses a tablet instead of the capsule ”.

Likewise, Luis Lazarini, CCO of  Somar Group points out that “diabetes generates additional complications such as neuropathic pain and people who suffer from it will be able to find in our medicine an effective solution at an accessible cost, characteristics of all our products”.

Another example of Somar’s innovation is Cicadona, whose active ingredient is pirfenidone, indicated for the treatment of scars. Somar is the only national laboratory that managed to combine the medicine in cream, instead of gel, which facilitates its application and improves its absorption.

Cicadona is part of Somar’s Group most recent clinical innovation.

Creating value for health

It’s easy to say, but combining unstable molecules and proving the bioequivalences of new products is a very complex process.

Daniel del Conde, CEO of  Somar Group, explains: “thinking about the Mexican patient and putting quality medicines on the market that treat their ailments at prices they can afford requires a human team, infrastructure and significant financial resources.”

During the last three years, the research and development team has grown to about 40 people, all of them specialized in different fields of science. In this sense, the company’s CFO, Guillermo Perea, explains: “We have invested a considerable amount of resources to acquire equipment with state-of-the-art technology and modify internal processes.”

The speed and quality in the innovation process has required internal changes, as well as coordinated work with national and international research and development institutions. For this company, creating value means bringing better solutions at affordable prices to millions of Mexicans.

The Somar Pharmaceutical Group philosophy is Improving lives, creating value , which responds to a business vision that not only positively impacts millions of Mexicans, but also creates the foundations to become one of the main pharmaceutical companies in the country.

Original source: Forbes Mexico

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