Generic drugs. Frequently asked questions

What is a generic drug?

It is the medication with the same drug or active substance and dosage form, with equal strength or power, which uses the same form of administration. It undergoes regulatory mandatory testing which has proven that its pharmacopoeial specifications, profiles of dissolution or bioavailability or other parameters, as applicable, they are equivalent to the branded medicine of reference.

Is the generic as effective as the innovative drug?

Yes, because the generic is tested before it goes on sale. This tests are known as bioequivalence in order to verify that the generic has the same therapeutic effect as the original; and that bioavailability (dissolution) occurs at the same same proportion.

Why buy a generic drug?

Generic drugs offer many advantages for the benefit of your health and economy. To be bioequivalent it has the same active substance as the drug of reference, ensuring its effectiveness and quality at a much more affordable cost.

Is the symbol GI still used to identify generic drugs?

No, because the SSA in the Regulation of Health Supplies (Art. 24 Fracc. XI), eliminated in 2010 the GI symbol, and all medicines for sale need to accredit testing to ensure their quality of generic for Mexico. Therefore, there are only two types of drugs; innovative and generic.

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